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Intelligent Human Sensing Night Light Led

Intelligent Human Sensing Night Light Led

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Product Material: White wax wood, acrylic, electronic components

Product standard configuration: induction light x1, base x1, charging cable x1

Light source: LED light

Light power: 1W

Light color: 2700K-3000K warm white light

Lamp delay: 15S (induction mode)

Rated voltage: DC5V 1A

Sensing range: 5-7M forward, 2-3M lateral, within 120 ° horizontal.

Lighting mode: constant light mode+induction mode

Charging indicator: During charging, the red light is always on/fully charged, and the light is off

Battery capacity: 500mAh lithium battery

IP level: IP20

Executive standard: GB7000.204-2008


Product size: 25 × twenty-five × 180MM (night light) 60 × 60MM (base)

Color box size: 41 * 68 * 193mm

Instructions for use

Charging indicator: red light (charging), off (fully charged)

Switch/toggle control

ON: Long light mode

OFF: Off mode

AUTO: induction mode

When human activity is detected in a dark environment, the light automatically lights up for 15 seconds and then turns off automatically.

Sensing range: 5-7 meters ahead, 2-3 meters horizontally, within 120 degrees horizontally

In sensing mode, when the night light has light, the human sensing function will be turned off and the night light will not light up.

Fixed components

Tear off the adhesive on the back, stick it in place, and then attach the night light to the fixed component. (The built-in magnet of the night light can be adsorbed on any metal surface)

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