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LED Copper Wire String Lights for Holidays, Special Events

LED Copper Wire String Lights for Holidays, Special Events

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3x3M copper wire LED curtain String wire Christmas lights garland Christmas decorations


Product style: warm white / colorful / white

Specifications: 300LED 3 * 3m

Power supply: USB 5V

Power: 6w

Mode: 8 styles

Operating mode: support remote control

Applications: Hawaiian party, home, wedding party, birthday decoration, Christmas, New Year decoration


1 Since the previous dimensions are measured by hand, the actual size you receive may be slightly different from the previous dimensions.

At the same time, keep in mind that due to lighting effects, screen brightness, contrast settings, etc., there may be some slight differences between the image tone and the Real Project.

10637381743_1724248132Decoraciones-de-Navidad-para-el-hogar-3x0-5-M-3x2-M-3x3-M-cortina-LED-guirnaldaDecoraciones-de-Navidad-para-el-hogar-3x0-5-M-3x2-M-3x3-M-cortina-LED-guirnalda (1)Decoraciones-de-Navidad-para-el-hogar-3x0-5-M-3x2-M-3x3-M-cortina-LED-guirnalda (2)Decoraciones-de-Navidad-para-el-hogar-3x0-5-M-3x2-M-3x3-M-cortina-LED-guirnalda (4)

10349Decoraciones-de-Navidad-para-el-hogar-3x0-5-M-3x2-M-3x3-M-cortina-LED-guirnalda (3)10611355539_1724248132

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